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Almond&Olive’s debut album, Standing at the Precipice (available now), combines organic folk with warm vocal harmonies and an innocent, poetic lyrical delivery. The duo, comprised of Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson, recorded the album at Kingsize Sound Labs with producer John Abbey (Robbie Fulks). Joining them on the record were Gerald Dowd (Bloodshot Records), gospel singers from the A Team (who toured with Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin) and many other stalwarts of the Old Town School of Folk Music scene.

Alms and Davidson met in Chicago in 2015 and decided to form a musical duo. With a band name combining a piece of each of themselves, the duo set forth to fill in the rest with their own heart and souls.  Drawing inspiration from every corner of their lives, the duo cites the city of Chicago as one of their true, great muses. Davidson explains, “The city is such an energizing place to be as an artist. From lazy, beautiful days wandering the endless beachfront, to the apocalyptic, haunting decay of the Damen Silos, we’re constantly being lifted up by our city’s truly broad shoulders.”

The themes on Standing at the Precipice are driven by powerful rhythms and heartfelt lyrics. Every note, word, and sound comes from a place of passion. Whether it’s facing the insurmountable odds on “We Will,” or commiserating with a heart that’s been broken by another on “Get By,” the duo sings to embrace each moment, and take everything in stride.

We are truly standing at the precipice, surveying the future ahead of us while we try to navigate through the pitfalls of our personal and professional lives.
— A&O

The first single, “Standing at the Precipice,” layers a steady acoustic guitar with the croon of a heartbroken harmonica, and rich harmonies with a hint of wavering grit. The song, originally inspired by the apocalyptic imagery of literature and television, took on a new life with personal meaning. Davidson explains, “As a metaphor for our band, we are truly standing at the precipice, surveying the future ahead of us while we try to navigate through the pitfalls of our personal and professional lives.”

Alms and Davidson believe that, when possible, using their platform of musical creation and performance to give back to those in need is a natural extension of their personal goals - to make the world a better place for those who live in it. With that charge, once finished, their debut album will be also be used to help give back. Alms and Davidson have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the initial sales of the album to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation (JGF), a foundation founded by Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy. JGF will use the funds donated by A&O to help animal shelters bolster their animal adoption programs, rehab crumbling animal housing and enhance vital community animal welfare programs.

About Almond&Olive

Almond&Olive is made up of Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson. After meeting in Chicago in 2015, the duo began writing and honing their folk craft. They are now ready to release their debut album, Standing at the Precipice. The album is a combination of organic folk instrumentation and warm, rich harmonies.

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