Almond&Olive (A&O), comprised of singer-songwriters Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson, creates inspiring songs that span the folk and Americana genres, while also incorporating Alms’ timeless vocals and the duo’s distinct songwriting. Blended together, Alms and Davidson's voices sound made for each other, soaring and guiding the music through all the ups and downs of these finely crafted songs. After spending the last three years touring, Ollie and Natalie are finally in the studio recording their second album which will be dropping Spring of 2020.

The music A&O creates comes at you in waves. Together their voices lay down a solid base and tone, funneling you into succinct chorus melodies that build into a crescendo of rich and powerful harmonies. The end result of each song is satisfying and expressive, weaving together themes of love, fear, hope and loss. Each song’s purpose is to mark a moment in time, and give the listener a glimpse into the lives of these prolific songwriters. It’s a vulnerable look at times, though for the most part the music resolves itself to the basic emotions of hope and love, and lets you know that no matter how low things get, there is a lift coming soon.

One of the first conversations they had about music revolved around their shared love of Bob Dylan. They gushed over his storytelling and simple melodies, and the way he could conjure up imaginative tales and elicit complex emotions. They swapped favorite bands and influences, including Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Florence and the Machine, Matthew Sweet, today’s pop hits and yesterday’s standards. At first, and ever since, they constantly share YouTube links of songs they love via text, getting each other inspired and excited for new and old music.

Seemingly from a very young age, both Alms and Davidson were immersed in music. Their respective families nurturing their love of songs by playing music constantly throughout their childhoods, and providing musical instruments for their own creations. When they both started creating on their own, the songs they wrote were in a sense entries into a diary, cataloguing the loneliness and heartbreak of youth, but also the fighting spirit of the young and invincible. Aside from personal traumas and joys, activism and political messaging intrigued them both. Exploring the issues of the day become a staple in their individual songwriting forays, and that expression quickly become a favorite well to draw from.

Since meeting in 2015. the partnership and friendship the duo have formed is genuine and special. They push each other, getting the most out of their experiences together and the music they create. It’s evident every time you see them perform together or just goof around in practice - there is a bond there that is deep and everlasting. They trust each other and trust their ability, and the result leaves all doubts and fears behind.